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Jean Louise Green - An Energy Medicine Approach
Jean Louise Green - An Energy Medicine Approach
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Let's look at an Energy Medicine approach to Structural Integration. When physical mental and emotional blockages are removed and the major body segments are aligned, the beneficial life force energy of Qi can flow through us. It is our birthright to have a human body that CAN be supported, sustained and nourished by the fields of energy that surround us. In this one-hour webinar, participants will explore: The definition of energy medicine | The Torus | The Rolf Line as an energetic channel in the body | The anatomy of subtle energy flows | Dr. Oschman's theories on the Living Matrix of connective tissues | Energy medicine in the treatment room to help direct our client's attention and intention to assist us in releasing strain in their body. | How our language can support our client's experience during their Structural Integration session. | Skills for treating fascial tissues and rotation patterns | Practices for clients and practitioners that build Qi in the body.

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