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Jeffrey Burch - effective nerve treatment method
Jeffrey Burch - effective nerve treatment method
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Building on Jean-Pierre Barral DO & Alain Croibier DO's methods for treating the connective tissue components of nerves, several other workers have developed a range of fine methods to assess the elasticity and glide of nerves, and to treat restrictions found. Jeffrey Burch has added a relatively simple yet highly effective method. This method has the added advantage of not directly contacting the nerve, which adds an element of safety. Another advantage of this method is it provides the practitioner with a way to recognize and work with the frequent anatomic variants in the levels at which nerve roots exit the spine. This method does not replace any other method, rather it is one more tool in the practitioner's kit. In this webinar Jeffrey will present the principles of this method, followed by examples of how to apply the method to many different nerves.

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