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Ritchie Mintz - Radiation Fibrosis
Ritchie Mintz - Radiation Fibrosis
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Dr. Rolf had a special name for human bodies that had not been processed in the 10-session series of her work. She called them "random". Random bodies. If you understand the concept of the random body, what it is, and what that means, then a body ravaged by radiation is a very special kind of random body. It is a body that is at the outer extremes of "random body". (If you aren't completely clear on the concept of the random body, please consider my book: From Adam & Eve to Ida Rolf - What Is the Random Body? Available at Radiation Fibrosis and its evil twin, Droop Neck Syndrome, are no exceptions to any of our principles and practices. But they are a super exaggeration of all the troubles in any tissues we have ever touched. You might think that you can work on it like any other tissues that came before. The trouble is that one of the hallmarks of the irradiated body is hyper-sensitivity and hyper-vigilance. How do you unwind someone who winces and gasps with every touch? I developed three techniques that get me past the hyper-sensitivity and the hyper-vigilance. These three methods allow me to work the 10-series in a way that these very special clients can tolerate. When I realized that, it changed how I touch everybody else. How do I know all this? My wife, Gloria, is a 3-time cancer survivor who was irradiated like the core of Chernobyl. Let's say that I learned it all out of school and off the clock, every day for the last 20 years (and counting!) Come and hear what I've learned. There's a tsunami of this work out there. The world needs us.

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