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Ritchie Mintz - The Magic Moment
Ritchie Mintz - The Magic Moment
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Wow, what if I could work from the outside in (as instructed) and from the inside-out at the same time? Wouldn’t that save time and effort? Working simultaneously from the outside-in and from the inside-out implies that at some point, the 2 directions would meet and cross. That is the Magic Moment! And in the Magic Moment, something amazing happens: the sleeve of the body lets go of the core and the front of the body lets go of the back. That is 8 of the proverbial 9 yards of Structural Integration. It also explains the deepest significance of our precious Recipe. What does it mean to “take a body apart”? What are we actually taking apart? Why do we do that? What does it mean to “put a body together”? What is a “together” body? How do you put bodies together? Why did Dr. Rolf say that SI’ers work from the outside-in? After all, there are other modalities that work from the inside-out; Chiropractic and Cranio-Sacral come to mind. I have given thousands of sessions and decades of thought to all of this. When I discovered the Magic Moment, I naturally assumed that every practitioner works this way. I have since found that maybe nobody Rolfs like this. On one level, everyone who faithfully follows The Recipe is working this way but may not know it. I do it intentionally and intention, as they say is everything.

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