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Ritchie Mintz - The Together Body
Ritchie Mintz - The Together Body
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Early in the 21st century, I worked with some Olympic® level swimmers who were ramping up for the 2004 Summer Games in Athens. In applying Dr. Rolf’s notions to these elite athletes, I had a series of revelations that rocked my understanding of the together body. Much of what I came to know was not new information; it was stuff I had heard or been taught before. But what was new was the feeling and experience of highly trained, top-level athletes as random bodies. I was able to feel how their random parts felt isolated and remote from their whole, despite these athletes being in top condition. That was when I saw that our fascially ignorant world has no idea what a together body really is. That was when I knew that our society did not even have the words to describe a really together body. So, in its confusion about the together body, society latched onto a word… a wrong word… to describe what it thought is a together body. Come and find out what that wrong word is and why it is misdirected. You will learn why society's efforts to create "together" bodies actually takes bodies further apart. What is a truly together body? How do we get there? Come join me and I'll be glad to tell you how I create truly together bodies.

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